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Experience at the Cutting Edge of Global Media

Since its establishment in 2000, Jasmine TV has been providing services ranging from the production of premium TV shows and movies, to professional consulting on a wide range of media projects around the world. Jasmine TV founder Yossi Uzrad started Jasmine TV with years of experience as an innovator in Israel’s broadcast sector. By 2006, the company was operating five major premium channels for the HOT cable company, as well as a variety of VOD services. Jasmine TV has since applied and expanded that experience, along with a large network of industry connections, including content distributers and major American studios, to devise creative, targeted strategies for media companies, telcos and platforms of all sizes.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking for Individualized Strategy

By offering trademark plug-and-play media solutions, Jasmine TV is able to focus directly on the needs of each particular platform and market. Comprehensive services are tailor-made to seamlessly fit the unique working style of each client, with Jasmine’s hands-on support from beginning to end. This adaptive approach helped HBO expand its international presence, when Jasmine launched the first HBO-on-Demand service outside the US.

Forging Human Connections for Optimum Results 

The expertise and insight of the Jasmine TV team allows it to provide the best possible product to diverse clients. With offices in China, the US, Switzerland, and Israel, Jasmine’s experts are able to be personally involved in each project and are available around-the-clock, no matter the client’s location. This has also allowed Jasmine to build the longstanding relationships that are integral to the media industry, including those with all major US studios.

Setting High Standards for the Future of Jasmine TV

Since its foundation, Jasmine TV has grown to produce over 50 successful TV channels around the world, working hand-in-hand with clients representing all types of media platforms. The company strives to combine decades of industry know-how with original thinking and targeted, personal service to achieve precise, professional results.